1. You can create a more personal experience. You’ll be surprised at how much of the stress of planning disappears when you finally surrender to the idea of eloping. But, will my Grandma like that kind of food? Or I wonder what kind of date my cousin is going to bring? I can promise you that you will begin to enjoy your wedding the moment you decide to design it around yourselves, and in a way that exemplifies the love that you’re committing to share forever. Dropping the idea of a traditional wedding opens the door to a more relaxed experience. Creating a day that brings you to a volcano in Costa Rica, a beach of black sand in Iceland, or a gorgeous spring in Florida… wherever you decide! You’re now able to dream up an experience that serves as a testament to the bond you’re creating.

Two brides on a private beach location tucked behind palm trees durning a beautiful Florida Sunset.

2. It’s a budget thang… Traditional weddings are expensive! The average cost of one continues to go up. It varies by state, but the bottom line is- it’s staggering. You want to feed 100+ people? Find and rent a space big enough to try and socially distance a crowd like that? Do you want flowers at every table and wedding favors for every guest? Be ready to get a hand cramp writing those checks! It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a sense of ease that comes with deciding this type of wedding is a thing of the past. Your wedding is about you as a couple, and there are ways to allow your friends and family to experience your big day without being there in person. You can decide how many people (if any) that you’d like to have along for the elopement. Your guest list is streamlined, and most often these people will cover the cost of their own travel and accommodations.

Newly weds on a beach in Florida near a rock jetty holding hands and laughing as they walk.

3. Simplified planning. Guess what? Once you decide the perfect place on this Earth to create this marital bond and hire a photo/video team with elopement experience, you now have a team in place to bring all the details together! You can easily get started here with our guide. You’re already on your honeymoon the moment you begin to travel to your destination. Reception halls, catering, limousines, etc. They can be out of the equation if you desire because you are now free to take charge and decide what is truly important to you!

Tattooed bride dressed in black lace hugs groom dressed in black under an almost full moon in Florida.

4. Environmental impact. A six hour traditional wedding with 100-120 guests can produce 400 to 600 pounds of waste. Imagine the bags and bags of plastic, wasted food, etc. being drug out to the dumpster after your reception. This can be avoided! By choosing an elopement-style wedding, you can allow the beauty of your surroundings to eliminate the use of one time, throw away décor. The environmental impact of your dozens of out of town guests flying in from all over the country, or world for that matter, is greatly lessened by you making this one simple choice! Do it for the planet!

Bride a groom framed by beautiful Florida flowers and trees and foliage in a private ceremony location near a Florida beach.

5. Flexibility. This may just be the most important factor. Suppose you’ve planned a traditional wedding with an outdoor ceremony for 100+ guests and a pop-up storm decides to drench every single chair (that you had to rent,) soaks all of your decorations (that you had to buy,) and everything turns to mud. How are you going to entertain these people while the rain passes? Where will they go? An elopement can make this a non-issue. Small groups are much more manageable. It’s raining during the ceremony time? Cool. You can chill at the hotel for a while or duck into a bar or restaurant. Honestly, even if you don’t want to line up an officiate for the elopement, you can say you vows in your dream location and do the legalities at your convenience in your home state with a notary or judge. Elopement is for the type of people who love to break free from the norm, and create an experience all their own!

Bride drinking straight from the bottle after a private beach elopement in Florida.

If you are ready to start planning your own dream elopement, reach out to us here. We can't wait to help!

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