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"I'm bound to tell a story.
That's where I belong."
~Paul Simon

I could tell you about where I grew up (a small town in Illinois). I could tell you about how I ended up in Clearwater, Florida. Or I could tell you about my family (3 kids, husband that I met on the playground in 5th grade), my obsession with Paul Simon, my thirst for travel, adventure, and chasing after all the beauty on this planet. 


OK, I guess that I just did tell you. But I really want to tell you that where I truly belong is with you, with my camera, on a beach (or anywhere on Earth) just connecting and telling your story. To be the one who is trusted to preserve your connection, your union, your entire experience – that’s where I belong. 

Why I LOVE what I do


I love:

  • Preserving memories that fly by so quickly they might otherwise be forgotten or go unnoticed

  • The excitement of the wedding day and the beginning it represents – that magical feeling of hopefulness and eagerness for the future

  • The honor of getting to document your day and capture your story 

  • The thought of your photos being looked at and loved for generations

  • Quietly observing and documenting every meaningful moment

  • Bringing a sense of calmness and humor to your day

  • And mostly, I love witnessing the HUGE milestone of marriage with all the anticipation, passion and joy. It is SO beautiful.


Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of love. That’s the point. Your love is the reason I LOVE what I do.

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