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A day that is completely, uniquely you.

Photos that will be looked at and loved for generations.

Of all the stars in the sky, all the fish in the sea, and all the millions of choices and chances that aligned – you found your one. Think about those odds. 


Like celestial bodies, a universal force brought you together. And now the two of you are committing to the love you found – the love that found you. The only question left is how do you celebrate a cosmic connection like yours?


Your wedding day is a reflection of the two of you. Has there ever been a love like yours? That’s a resounding hell no! So you should have a wedding as unique and stellar as YOU.


You’ve already done your part by finding each other and letting love find you. Let me help you find the wedding day that aligns with the spirit of your connection.

Your stars have aligned.


Everything has to align for your wedding day.

You made it this far against all odds. All that’s left is finding the photographer that gets you (well, that and ironing out all of the details, which I can help with too ;) ). 


You need to trust that your photographer can honor your vision, won’t miss a beat, and knows how to forage for morel mushrooms. OK, maybe that last part isn’t as important to you, but hey, if I can find the ever-elusive morel, you know I can scout out the most magical locations. I think you get the idea. It’s ALL about both your pictures and your picture-taker.

There is no guide to follow...

I want you to do me a favor. I know it’s a little early to ask for a favor but trust me on this. 


Close your eyes and try to forget everything you know about love and marriage. 

Forget what society has told you. 

Forget the fairy tales and the rom-coms. 

Forget the shoulds and the unnecessary embellishments and waste. 

Forget traditions and expectations. 


You might even have to forget what your family and friends want for your union. Sorry, but this is about a day that reflects YOU, not them.


Have you forgotten? Good. 


Now we can start from scratch and plan the celebration that is made for only you two.

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